Ever feel so frustrated about your weight that you were ready to kick all diets to the curb and say, “I freakin give up?!”

Remember waking up in the morning saying, “today’s the day,” and well before lunchtime, the diet “all went to hell?!”

When a diet starts working, and you lose weight in the first week or two, you hit a plateau so fast that you start gaining weight, before you even realized what happened.

These are weight loss blunders we’ve all experienced, and yet we keep trying in good faith, hoping this time is different.  


I’ll say it again…  IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Staying on your diet is nearly impossible! Research shows that less than 10% of people who go on a diet actually succeed. Most people feel that they just keep failing. But, you’re NOT the problem!!


Aren’t you sick and tired of people saying things to you like, “Why don’t you just eat less and exercise more?” How dare people judge us, and assume things about us that aren’t true! We know very well, deep inside of ourselves, the pain we’ve felt over the years, as we’ve struggled with our weight. Now it’s time to take our lives back, and become our Ideal Bodies and our Ideal Selves!


This program teaches you the missing link to permanent weight loss… and when you have it, you’ll never have to go on a diet again. With this exclusive breakthrough program, that you can’t get anywhere else, you’ll shift your mindset at the identity level, allowing you to easily become your ideal weight just in time for summer. Don’t miss this life altering opportunity. Don’t delay, and regret it later!   


  • of confidence wash over you as you begin to live the life of your dreams

  • when you reach your destiny to be your Ideal Body For Life

  • when you become slimmer, happier, and feel unstoppable

  • when you become healthier, stronger and jazzed
    about YOU


My name is Joshua Bloom, an internationally known expert in transformation, and #1 best selling author. I have been helping men, and especially women, transform their lives for the past 20+ years. I am the producer of the film, “The Ultimate Answer is inside!,” and have been featured on the front page of the Washington Post, as one of the first success coaches ever to be featured in the mainstream media.

I have been featured internationally on both radio stations and tele-seminars, as a pioneer in the coaching industry, and I am here now to help you become your Ideal Body For Life!


You can do this! You do not have to starve yourself or do anything extreme! Just follow my easy system and you will be on your way to success.

Diets Don’t Work!

Here’s why! Ultimately diets fail because our thoughts and habits matter. As humans, we have at least 12,000 thoughts per day, but 98% of those thoughts were the exact same thoughts we had yesterday. This proves that we are creatures of habit, and habits are hard to break. So, your old habits and patterns creep back into your life, and then you ask, “what happened to my diet?” You’re only going to be able to stick to a diet for a relatively short period of time, but as I’ve said before, all of this is not your fault!

With most diets, you deprive yourself of food, and at some point, your body is going to fight back, and make you crave those foods you’ve been depriving yourself of, and before you know it, you’ve gained back any weight you lost, plus more. Haven’t we all done this?

Many “experts” say that having a cheat day can help you lose weight, BUT this strategy fails almost always. When you “cheat” on your diet, purposeful or not, that’s when the cravings get out of control, and it’s literally impossible to get back on track.

In my program, there is no such thing as cheating, as my program is NOT a diet at all! Let’s take the “DIE” out of diet, and simply eat healthy by shifting our mindset at the identity level in an easy way, to become our ideal weight. 

Restricting yourself from your favorite foods is not the answer!
Diet pills, unhealthy diet shakes, and other extreme methods don’t work either!


There is a much better, easier and more effective way! 

I provide you with simple, flexible and effective way to become your Ideal Body For Life, with long term and permanent results. I give you simple tips that keep you on track, and help you feel amazing, all while still losing those unwanted pounds and inches.

I offer you something extraordinary that NO OTHER program offers anywhere! There is something that helps you get your mindset and your body in alignment with your goal to become your ideal weight easily. It’s called your identity. When your mind, body and “who you are,” is in alignment with becoming your ideal weight, it makes it so easy to become successful, and win this battle. You deserve to win!

Could you imagine fat loss being easy, let alone permanent? Well, it CAN be all of that for you! My method for getting your body to want to lose weight at the identity level, and then helping you reach your ideal weight           permanently, is all about helping you become a person who is “healthy” from the inside out. When your identity, “who you are at the core,” and your actions are in alignment, not only is fat loss possible, you will never have to diet again. You will just become your Ideal “YOU” for life.



You can even have bread and chocolate, and still lose weight! Yes, you will make healthier and better choices in a way that feels doable, and it may even feel like cheating.

I am a big believer in easy! Because this is not a diet, you'll feel free and happy to lose your unwanted extra pounds and inches, in a fun and engaging way. Join me, and let’s discover your possibilities together!

Here’s What Members Are Saying…

I am already my best weight. Thank you Joshua!

"I am grateful that this program is so thorough and of course fun and effective. I noticed that when I practice the guided meditations consistently I eat healthy so much more easily. I really like My Future Self connection. I am already my best weight. The highest vibrations remove all the lowest ones so much more easily. Thank you Joshua!"

- Ursula Augustynski

 I love the way these concepts and clearings impact all areas of our lives.

"Joshua was doing the "I am not the trash" segment, and I was thinking, 'Oh, that isn't anything that applies to ME!'... Grin... Just the next day, I found myself nearly eating some crusts of pizza that were totally unappealing in order not to "waste it,” and it hit me... ‘I am not the trash!’  As the weeks have past, I’ve noticed this has applied to many areas of my life. I love the way these concepts and clearings impact all areas of our lives. Pretty ongoing for something I thought didn’t apply to me"

- Maureen Gil


I went to the higher chakra level, about identity and purpose, and the desire
for nurture disappeared. 

"Joshua, the connection between values and behavior was really enlightening!  When I wanted to buy lunch and there was nothing healthy, I wanted to eat it anyway, and I asked which value was I honouring. I realised it was need for nurture, to eat something that I did not prepare, even if it was not appropriate. I went to the higher chakra level, about identity and purpose, and the desire for nurture disappeared.  My weight has dropped, and clothes I haven't fitted in for some years suddenly fit. "

- Anne Kane   



I will get on a live video call with you each and every month to help keep you focused on your success. The more you engage and connect with me, the more successful you will become.

I’ll personally help you become successful with learning points for discussion, and provide you with amazing tools that help you become your Ideal Body For LIfe!

Can’t make a call? No worries! Each call is recorded and available for you to listen to and even download. Yours to keep!

Value: $2997

Module 1 - Quick Start
Fast Track to Your Ideal Body 

Let’s make it super simple and easy! When you start with this digital Quick Start Guide, you’ll understand how to get started, as well as my philosophy of the entire program. You’ll learn to become grounded and stable in yourself and your choices, as I prepare you for success.

I’ll give you what you need to be successful. Go at your own pace, as I teach you through video, audio, as well as PDF, exactly what will help you succeed, stay on track and finally achieve permanent results. Isn’t it about time?

1.   The Scariest "C" Word (PDF)
2.   Weight Loss Success Guided Connection™
3.   Polarity Balancing Guided Connection™
4.   Regifting energy to the earth to strengthen your ground Guided Connection™
5.   Growth versus protection - The Science of Success (Video)
6.   Model of Life™ Part 1 - The Anatomy of Your Chakras  (Video)
7.   Model of Life™ Part 2  - The Anatomy of Your Chakras (Video)
8.   The Model of Life™ (PDF)

Value: $200

Module 2 - Shift Your Identity and Create Your Ideal Body
Finding Your "Why," Purpose and New Identity

What you’ll learn in this module is what ALL OTHER programs about body image and weight loss are missing. You won’t get this content or training anywhere else. This information is exclusive to this program.

If you don’t have the purpose in your life, deep down within you, accessible to you, and to guide your choices, and lead you to success, you'll fail just like every other diet in the world. This is the magic that makes this program easy to create permanent results. You’ll be happily surprised how easy it is to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

This module separates this program from any other weight loss programs available today. You’ll learn how to keep your purpose in front of you at all times to help you easily choose those healthy choices effortlessly.      

1.   Getting Into the Body for Weight Loss
2.   Grounding Hand Guided Connection™
3.   Making it Easy to Create Your Ideal Body   
4.   Creating Your New Identity and Purpose for Higher Level Change Part 1
5.   Creating Your New Identity and Purpose for Higher Level Change Part 2
6.   Shifting Your Identity to Create Your Ideal Body Part 1
7.   Shifting Your Identity to Create Your Ideal Body Part 2
8.   Future You Guided Connection™

Value: $200

Module 3 - Unleash Your Inner Superhero
Resolve Emotional Eating and Discover Your Superpower

The emotional eating solution! Your inner Superhero wants to come out and be strong for you, but trauma, emotions, fear and pain, stop you from moving forward and having the success you so desperately desire. In this module you’ll learn the secrets of Quantum Energy Transformation™ for eliminating past trauma and other blocks that are making you eat emotionally.

You’ll learn how to feel safe without needing food to comfort or numb your emotions. Gain back your control and your life with this exclusive content that’ll take you from being the victim of food to unleashing your superpowers.    

1.   The Truth Behind Energy and Your Chakras Part 1 
2.   The Truth Behind Energy and Your Chakras Part 2
3.   Emotional Eating - I Am NOT the Garbage Can!
4.   Transform Emotional Eating Now!
5.   Letting Go of Wanting to Be Safe Guided Connection™
6.   Transforming Trauma and Feeling Safe Part 1
7.   Transforming Trauma and Feeling Safe Part 2

Value: $200

Module 4 - Ultimate Freedom Breakthrough 
Release Debilitating Cravings Easily

A craving is energy, and it’s also a deep pattern ingrained in the cells of your body, triggering you, based on needs you had from as far back as childhood. These needs are things like comfort, safety and fear. When you need to feel a certain way, you get a craving that make you want to eat, eat and eat some more. Cravings also come from what you eat and how much of it you eat. These physical cravings take away your free will and choice, and make you feel victim of food.

This exclusive module takes you from victim to victory using Quantum Energy Transformation™ to release and transform the root cause of your cravings. Success is easy when you know how to eliminate cravings and breakthrough to personal success.  

1.   Instantly Stop Physical Cravings from Taking You Over
2.   Release the Cravings of Wanting to Eat Guided Connection™
3.   Sending Love to Your Body to Strengthen Your Will
      and Purpose Guided Connection™

Value: $200

Module 5 - Become Confident and Unstoppable
Sleep Better, Breathe Better and Weigh Less

Your body is amazing! It has the ability to heal, transform and help you to become successful, instead of blocking your path and holding you back.  You just need to understand how your body works, allowing you to get the results you desire. How you breathe can make you feel drained, tired, and wiped out or it can invigorate and energize you. Your breathing can also detox your body, strengthen your energy and rev up your metabolism.

This module will help you sleep better and breathe better, as it helps you become your ideal YOU! It’s complete with Guided Connections™ and knowledge that the weight loss guru’s don’t want you to know about. After completing this module, you’ll become Confident and Unstoppable with your weight loss and in your life.

1.   The Power of Being in the Body and Breathing for Weight Loss  
2.   How Breathing with Intention and Detoxing Can Help you to Reach Your Ideal Body
3.   How to Create Momentum and Use it for Ultimate Weight Loss Success  
4.   The Importance of Sleep and Why Better Sleep Equals Fast and Easy Weight Loss
5.   Getting the Best Sleep Possible to Help You Easily Lose Weight
6.   Get 3 hours sleep in just 15 minutes Guided Connection™
7.   Stabilizing the Body and Releasing the Charge Behind
      Nightmares Guided Connection™
8.   Quantum Shift TV episode - Sleeping is Good! (Video)
9.   You’re a Superstar! Live Your Life On Purpose!

Value: $200

Bonus 1: Getting Back On Track Even When Nothing Works!

You know as well as I do, how hard it is to get back on track when you feel like you’re failing. My foolproof way to get back on track is exactly what you need to give you a confidence boost and get you back on track. Since this is NOT a diet, your understanding of being on track or off track will change, simply by engaging this program, and yet when you need help in your most desperate of times, this Bonus will get you on track and keep you on track using the higher levels of energy. There is NO failure with my get back on track system. You’ll soar to success, and love every day with Your Ideal Body For LIfe!

1.   The Foolproof Way of Getting Back On Track Guided Connection™
2.   Our Habits and Behavior Affect Our Ability to Lose Weight... How to Succeed Instead

Value: $97

Bonus 2: The Amazing Stress Buster
Go for the Big Ones and Completely Eliminate Stress

Research shows that at least 75% of all illness is caused by stress. 

Best selling author and leading Quantum Biologist, Bruce Lipton says, “Here is the problem in today’s world, there is no escape and therefore there is no getting out of stress. The stress is chronic, which is where we live today.”We are all continuously undermining our system by using up our vital energy and closing down our immune system by living in stress. Instead of being in growth, where the body is strong and self-healing, we live in protection, where we are lucky if we don’t get sick. This is the crossroads where stress STOPS our weight loss as well as compromises our immune system.

I offer a new possibility! We can get back into growth and strength where we have the ability to heal, repair and get well, you just need to learn how.

This module will teach you how to eliminate all kinds of stress, including invisible stressors you may not know about.  

I’ll even teach you how to release all of your stress in just 2 minutes. Not only will it help you release your stress, it will also help you release trauma instantly. It’s easy and it works!

Anyone can do it , even a child: Joshua’s Students use this process to live a Stress-FREE, happy and healthy life! Although it’s a simple process, the results are quite profound. Learn to get out of stress instantly!

Value: $200

1.   How to Find the Root Cause to Your Stress and Raising Your
      Energy Frequency to Release it!
2.   Become Worry Free By Discovering the Possible You (Video)
3.   Cell Phone Protection - Stop the Invisible Stressor (Video)
4.   What Really Makes Stress So Stressful (Video)
5.   Shift Your Stress with “Quantum,” NOT Strategies for Permanent Freedom (Video)
6.   Instant Stress Relief Exercise (Video)
7.   The Secrets Behind Sedation, Distraction, Habits and Patterns
8.   The Stress Eliminator (Video)
9.   The Stress Eliminator Reference Cards (PDF)

Bonus 3: My Ideal Body For Life Community

You will be invited to an active community of people just like you, who are serious about becoming their Ideal Body For Life! A private and exclusive group, where you can ask the community or even me, your most important questions about weight loss, transformation and success. When you require help, I’ll be there to help you.

There is no other group like this that can support you in so many ways and help you take your weight loss – and Quantum - to a whole other level of possibility.  You will receive deeper learning, direct access to me, and have support to reach your goals in a much more powerful way than you have ever before.

Value: $400

TOTAL PROGRAM VALUE: $4697, Now Only $497

Here’s What Members Are Saying…

 I've now absorbed the 'plan' to be true to myself .

"It’s all going very well! I've now absorbed the 'plan' to be true to myself when offered party
food and it is “me now!” There is no more emotional pressure on me, which is so much easier.
I now practice my quantum breathing, away from the speedy, anxious ones.  I can stay in the
body really well and feel so much better. Now I am not so drawn into their 'frenetic,' city paced
world, where everything is a race. I'm taking breaks by myself too, which is helping so much."

- Christine Senz         


Your program helped me think more broadly about my body, and how my
body is connected to myself.


"Your program helped me think more broadly about my body, and how my body is connected to myself. It helped me spiritually, and I’m now more aware of who I am. I’m now connected to my identity- a person of love. I can’t truly express my happiness of how this program has truly changed my life. Now I know more clearly why commitment in the food area is so important. It feels it is a metaphor for what is important in my life."

- Margarita Foley


I'm now commited to change!

"I'm now committed to change! When I'm offered junk food, I can say no. I can stay in my body really well and there is no more pressure, everything has become a lot easier and accepting for me. This is a feeling I never thought I would feel before...I finally feel ‘Confident and Unstoppable’ like Joshua always says!"

- Jessica, California

Let’s take on this challenge together!
Enroll For 6 Months Now!


This program is unlike any other body image program you’ve ever experienced. The authenticity of myself and my members, along with the care and support we provide, really goes a long way for you to make dramatic changes that will allow you to move forward in leaps and bounds. It's like a gift to yourself that just keeps on giving. It’s worth everything to me that you succeed. So join me in helping you lose those extra pounds and inches in this more effective, transformative and life long way!

My promise to you is motivation, support, accountability and Transformation.
You’re going to feel confident and unstoppable!

As a successful transformation coach for more than 20 years, I offer a “no nonsense,” and completely authentic approach to shifting your energy to help you create the body you want and become happier,
healthier, and slimmer!

I invite you to consider your life, filled with excitement, joy, fun, and freedom! When you take on this program, you’ll discover that “YOU” inside, that has it all. Have the life of your dreams at your ideal weight. Here’s where you’ll discover that these possibilities actually exist for you. You’re going to be Amazing!


You’re absolutely covered by my money back guarantee. Try it for eight full weeks … even show it to your doctor or health professional. Then prove to yourself that this program really works.

I am 100% committed to giving you everything you require to become successful, including the most powerful tools, live coaching and profound experiences of transformation that will finally create permanent results in your life starting today. I hold possible that you will create the momentum you require to transform you into success and become your Ideal Body
For Life!

I know that if you participate fully and go for it, you will succeed!

If you’re not dropping the weight, feeling relief or having that transformation you expected, I will personally make sure that you get the extra support that you require to achieve permanent results. That’s how committed I am to your success, and that’s why I guarantee that my program will help you become your ideal body for life, when you participate fully,
engage my rich content and implement my system.
Full Guarantee


Good! ‘Cause I’m in the mood to help you transform
your body into the body you’ve always wanted!

At “My Ideal Body For Life!,” I know you’re busy! That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you get healthy in the most quick and easy way possible. There’s NO need to turn your life upside down. This program starts easy and stays easy. I believe that you deserve to achieve your goals, have success and live your life in the most fantastic way! I want you to have a blast becoming thin for life!Take on this challenge and become the best you possible! I’m rooting for you to win, and if I have something to do with it, YOU WILL!

If you are ready to take your body, mind and spirit to the next level, then together we can create something special, more effective and transformational. I can’t wait to meet you inside.

Ready for your amazing transformation?
Enroll For 6 Months Now!

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